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For a couple of days ago, I made ​​a post about the new HYIP satis5.

Before I made this post I have benefited from HYIP Satis5 and deposited portion of my profits to satis5 again.

but it has been 2 days already that satis5 not pay to its members.

Withdraw that we’ve asked still remain in Pending status.

I've asked the admin, but there is no response at all from the admin.

I also exchange the information with other members from overseas, and they are also experiencing the same thing as me.

So I can conclude that Satis5 already scam. 
HYIP Satis5 now become scam but get another HYIP to get profit

indeed in investing in HYIP we have to be careful, if you are afraid of the risk of losing money, I suggest do not ever register in the HYIP investment.

The Way how I have benefited in the HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) is to join in the HYIP which is still good and paying, then deposit a sum of money (money that I could bear the risk if lost).

Money that I deposit is my private money (my pocket money) and from the results of getting free Bitcoin from the internet and I do not spending my family money: D

After I get my profit, I do not withdraw all the profit, only half of my capital gains and all my deposit I would withdraw, the rest I invest again either in the same or another Investment program.

That way I reduce the risk of losing money (private money).

I would suggest that, when you are to invest in HYIP after you get the benefits you better stop and search another investment program.

Unless you are sure of the HYIP you’ve joined. But all HYIP will culminate as SCAM if it is aged longer.

So as Satis5 case, am I suffered a loss?, Off course not, because the capital I invest again is the half of my profit from Satis5.

Whether I have benefited from Satis5?

Yes I've got the advantage of Satis5.

Now just find another profit from the other HYIP, with investment from my profits that I get from Satis5 and others High Yield Investment Program.

Here I get new HYIP which are still new, still good and not Scam

Purple wealth 

update 29th sept 2014 purplewealth doesn't pay me anymore

The payment system using Bitcoin, Payeer, Egopay, Perfectmoney.

In the forum about HYIP that I follow, Purple wealth is classified as DIAMOND HYIP because its integrity in serving their investors.

And is predicted to live last longer, unlike Satis5 which is predicted only a few weeks.

Therefore in my post that discusses about Stais5 I suggest taking the shortest program so that you can get your profit before Satis5 be Scam.

The profit you could get from Purple 2.6-6.6% per day with unlimited Term, so you can benefit from Purple indefinitely. Withdraw using instant method.

If there are problems, you can directly contact their Skype.

Purple Wealth is 7 days old, so it is still very promising.

Purplewealth still pay their investor

My profit from purple wealth

Caviar Now turn scam

HYIP caviar is aged 20 days, but not as Satis5.

Caviar better, and until now there has not been a scam.

By offering 6.7% profit every day for 30 days caviar is very promising.

A forum that I follow classified Caviar title as PREMIUM HYIP.

Unfortunately Caviar only accepts and pay through Perfectmoney.

With a minimum deposit of $ 10.

For those of you who want to invest money in HYIP and want to get a huge advantage with a short time and quickly. You can join in those HYIP

===============Update 8th Sept 2014=======
Caviar become scam,
and purplewealth still paying until now

And once again I remind you that do not invest or deposit large amounts. After you take advantage of those HYIP you may leave. And I am not responsible if you get a loss.

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