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How I earn Money By Using My Android Device

Get Money With Whaff Reward

Hello, met again with the the reference site about places to make money on the internet.

Here I will give you the tips on how you can earn money just by downloading the application and perform some tasks with Whaff Reward application.

This application can be used in android device only, so if you are an iPhone user sorry whaff currently still can not be used.

How I earn money with the whaff Reward 

how i make money using whaff whit my android device


Ways to earn money with whaff reward is actually quite easy, but first you need to install the whaff Application on your Android device.

You can download on the Google Play Store

After you download and instal whaff on your android device, log-in there using the ID and password of your Facebook.

After a successful log-in you will be prompted to enter the Invite Code, you can use this Code AC52519
By using the code you will receive welcome bonus of $ 0.30 automatically in your balance.

But if you do not enter or do not use the code you will not receive the bonus, so your balance remains $ 0 (zero).

So I advice you to insert Code AC52519

Once you enter the code and get a bonus, it is time you earn money by downloading the application.

Premium picks.

In Premium pick there are some applications that you need to download and you play every day to earn money. You just need to play the application about 2-5 minutes each day through whaff.

And you will get additional rewards if you do not uninstall the app during the offer.

In addition to the premium picks, please download and play the Applications that are in Whaff picks to earn more money.

Invite To Share and Earn!

Please feel free to share and invite your friends to earn dollars, there are limited invitations each day for 50 invite only. So you can do these things every day to earn rewards in the form dollars.

Other Pick

Here you can do some task to get money or points that will be accumulated in the form of dollars into your account. The Task are variety like watching advertising, download and run the application, register and or purchase goods.

If you do it every day, you will get the money for $1-2 each days. And if the task is expired you can uninstall applications that you previously downloaded and you do not need.

If the money has been collected for a minimum of $ 10 you can withdraw to your Paypal, in addition to your paypal or exchange can exchange your money with Xbox Gift Card, Playstation Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards, Steam Gift Cards and Facebook Gift Cards .
Your Withdraw transaction will be completed within a maximum 3 working days periods.

Just remember If you withdraw $ 10 of your money with Paypal it will be cut about $ 0.50. after I asked to the whaff explained that the piece as a buying and selling service fee charged by Paypal. I sell a service to download and run the application on my phone and whaff as parties who purchase these services.

Yeah like that's the explanation from whaff.

That's how I earn my money by using my Android device. Easy and simple is not it? and this is more simple than making money with PTC

Actually there are a few apps to make money on android device or iPhone and I will review in next posted.

If this information is helpful to you, please share with your friends or your colleagues so that everyone would know this information.
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use my code whaff:EQ18688 and you win 0.30 ctvs.

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