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This guide shows you how to get FREE 5 Latium Coins (it is a "alternative-coin" of Bitcoin) just to join their site and make the Latium wallet. And how to quickly sell it worth 50000-200000 satoshi - BITCOIN (depending on the market value , or depending on whether you hold (store) Latium because now there is a lot of talk about Latium and trade is quite active - we think Latium had a great future and we store them and when the exchange rate is high then we will exchange (sell) with another money:)

Step 1

Sign Up to Latium website to Get Free 5 Coin

Please join, create an account, and will have to confirm your real email because you will receive a confirmation email within one minute.

To register please visit the "Latium Homepage" 

Latium coin sign up the alternative of bitcoin

latium the alt coin for bitcoin to usd

Step 2

Download Latium Wallet and Sync With Latium Data Base

It will take few minutes to fully sync and up to date, but you can do other things for a while. This is what the screen wallet looks like:

latium wallet the alternative of bitcoin wallet

and For Mac you can download HERE
For Linux Download HERE

Step 3

Search and Copy Your Wallet Address

Open Latium Wallet that you just downloaded - you can use it while the Latium Wallet still synchronizing with the data base.

Click on the tab "Receive Coin" at the top to display the address of your wallet, and you can copy it by clicking on it and pressing the "Copy Address" at the bottom.

how to set latium wallet address

Step 4

Back to the Latium Official Website and Then Enter Your Wallet Addres

Back to Latium website where you create your profile and enter your Latium Wallet address there - this will ensure that when you have completed your registration process, 5 Latium will sent to your personal wallet.

how to set up latium free gift

Step 5

Verify your accoun

Setup your account now and you just need to go to your email and verification.

latium email verification detail

Step 6

Request for Payment

For this step you need to make sure you Latium Wallet is fully synchronized with the network - you will see the progress in the Home-display. After that, in the Latium site navigate to Reports> payouts to me.

And then select “Request Payout" (I've got 5 Latium in this image) then it will replace with the green text saying "Your payment request was sent".

Latium free payment request

* It is usually shipped on the same day, but depending on when you ask them maybe the next day would be processed until they filing on Your Latium wallet .. do not panic, just wait ;)

Step 7

Join coin-Swap

The one you have in your Latium wallet, you can join in coin-Swap (free exchangers) to sell and trade Alt coins or bitcoin ; there is where you can sell it.

latium value vs bitcoin value

Step 8

Send your Latium to the coin-Swap

In the coin-Swap, navigate to the "Balances" and go to the (LAT) Latium list. Click "Request Address" and use your Latium Wallet desktop software to sent the Latium coin-Swap address:

Your transaction will need to get a 10 confirmation before it will appear on the coin-swap account (this can take 10-15 minutes)

sent latium to exchange with bitcoin exchange

Step 9

Sell ​​your Latium for bitcoin :)

When you receive your Latium in your coin-Swap account, go to "Market" and click on the LAT / BTC, then scroll down to "Sell LAT", browse & send orders to sell your 5 Lat.

bitcoin balance in bitcoin exchange

Your coin will be sold directly and refer to your column "Balance", now you have the BTC isn’t it?

You can then transfer back to your BTC Wallet like Coinbase or Bitalo wallet, or other Wallet services that you usually use, go to the "Balance" and click on "Withdraw". Then enter your bitcoin address and click submit.


1 Refer your friends

Your First 5 Latium could be just the "top of the iceberg" - the real beauty in this coin lies in its referral program.

Latium is not "mined" as bitcoin - was created by a new member .. so when you join, you can earn 5 Latium ..

And you can refer your friends and when you do that you also get an additional 5 Latium for each referral!

And it does not stop there - Latium referral network running in the 100 level, so you get more Latium on your friends that you refer, and their references, and references from their references, reference of references and so on down to 100!

Here is a reference rate and payment:

100 level of latium referral program

if you want to be really serious about this, then you can share your links on blogs and forums of altcoin and bitcoin, and you can even register on the cheap ads, especially on the people who are interested in bitcoin and altcoin:

Click BTC - The largest and most active site "paid to click" bitcoin - members here receive free bitcoin to see your ad, and therefore they all will be interested to get free bitcoin! Perfect!

Bit to Click - Very similar to the BTC Click - get paid to view advertisements - or advertise to more than 50,000 members who are all interested in bitcoin.

A-Ads - specifically for the largest ad networks bitcoin and altcoins - you can pay directly with Bitcoin well.

Url coin - another place to post your link and to be seen by 1000s of people.

* This is actually where I learned about Latium, there are MANY people promote, so there will be plenty of money to be made here!

2 DO NOT SELL ... Hold it Until The price of Latium is Up

Now we do not know the future but we think digital Coin currency has a lot of potential - there are 1000s of people joined in Latium every day there are a lot of ads for it, and are actively traded. Today Latium is the most widely traded coins in the Coin Swap:

Prices is vary between 10,000 satoshi per coin, and recently 40,000 satoshi, and only based on:

1 more and more people involved in the coin

2 more people who trade,

3 the greater the ratio of those who hold the coins to sell it - will push the value of these coins will rise - and these three factors seem to be the case.

If you take this advice then I am not responsible for the Latioum rate or bitcoin value, it is your own risk if still keep it, but I am quite positive and I would keep it :)

To Sign Up to get 5 Latium HERE 

and to get other FREE BITCOIN Read :

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