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CAPTCoin Worth 2000-4000 Satoshi By Entering Captcha

GET CAPTCoin worth 2000 Satoshi Just By Entering Captcha

It is a quick and easy guide to the new ways and LIMITED to get free bitcoin. There is a new AltCoin called CAPTCoin - short for Captcha Coin - while to get Bitcoin by mining, But CaptchaCoin its not, it is obtained simply by entering CAPTCHA.

They pay an average of 2,000-4,000 satoshi per CAPTcoin - Captcha coin gives you 0.5 CAPTCoins each time you enter the correct captcha form; 2000-4000 satoshi worth of each! - So basically you get 2000-4000 satoshi for each captcha Form Solved!

captcoin worth 2000-4000 satoshi

But not only that, this is a limited period of 20 days you can get this much CAPTCoins - and there are 12 days left (at the time I wrote this blog post dated August 14, 2014) - So for 20 days after that you only receive 0.25 coins per captcha submission - then after this period stopped altogether and the new coin can not get freely - so this is really limited, please register now and get your coins CAPTCoin by including capthca !!

whereas previously I've explained how to get Free Bitcoin from the Internet and also How I make money by playing investation online games.

Here is the full explanation

sorry, I hope I find this way faster before!
  • You will only be able to get CAPTcoin by entering a CAPTCHA only within 50 days.
  • The second time, the prize will only be partially / half. You can get 1 full CAPT during the first 10 days, 0.5 over the next 20 days (* this is where we are now - we have 12 of the 20 days, and 0.25 during the last 20 days). The faster you go, the better for you.
  • After 50 days the process is completed, will be the currency CAPTcoin. You can only get it to work, selling goods or trade with currency trading.
  • Because it will become increasingly difficult to obtain CAPTcoins, Its value is expected to grow every day.
  • After the 50-day period, any remaining coins will be destroyed. This will lead to deflation, and the value of each CAPTcoin will rise.


Create Wallet (Wallet)

The first thing you need to do is to download the official CAPTcoin wallet. If you're running Windows, download here: If not, you can browse the other options here.

Unzip the download file the new folder and run CAPTcoin-qt.exe. Do not run from the zip file or the temporary directory.

If you get a wallet synchronization problems,Read more info here.

Get your address

You will need your own CAPTcoin address. Address CAPTcoin start with 'C' and looks like this:


CAPTCoin Open your wallet QT file that you just downloaded. Select 'receive Coin'. Right click the address and select 'Copy Address'.

Get CAPTcoins

In a very limited time, you will be able to get CAPTcoin simply by completing CAPT-cha. The sooner you sign up and begin to enter the captcha, the more money you will get.

Prepare Your Wallet and do it here.

Get Referrals

While completing the CAPT-chas, you will be given a referral link after being completing 50 Form Captcha. Share your Referral link as much as possible.
Anyone who entered using your link will become your referral.
You get 10% each time one of them completes Form Captcha.
They will get an additional 5% Capts too! so they prefer to use your link - Use this link to ensure that you will receive an additional 5% captch.
That's it! Yes Easy!

Now click here to fill out a captcha entry pages in and start getting CAPTCoin
* Captcha most "difficult" is
3rd captcha

It will not be difficult once you know how to solve it.
Here is an example of it done:

Captcha reads RGN (four times 8) + 1

You must enter text (in uppercase and lowercase letters as they appear and then perform Math calculations, the answer is:


Or: RGN 33 (with spaces) are also accepted


33rGn or rgn33 not true.

and do not write like a normal captcha: RGN (four times 8) + 1

If you can not read the code, click on the button
how to solve captcoin

Here is the Payment Proof from CAPTCoin..
so what are you waiting for..!!???
Payment proof of CAPTCoin and Captcoin is not scam

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